Roadmastic Manholes / Ironworks Reinstatement SystemPolymer Modified Mastic Asphalt is increasingly used in the UK as a reinstatement alternative to hot mix asphalt, particularly around ironworks.

Precoated chippings can be applied to the surface to match surrounding hot mix asphalt although this Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt product also contains high PSV grit within the mix to improve skid resistance.

The Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt is heated on site using a mastic asphalt mixer and laid by hand, floated, chipped and finished. Roller compaction is not required. It is good practice to paint the edges of ironwork and surrounding asphalt with a bituminous liquid.

The product is also ideal for use on car park decks or bridge decks.

The main advantages of Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt over hot mix asphalt are:

  • Heated on site in quantities as required.
  • Left over material can be re-heated.
  • No need for rollers or large pieces of plant on site.
  • No travelling to or waiting at asphalt mixing plant.

The raw material is delivered on one tonne pallets, with each block weighing c. 12kg.

The product is "Mastic Asphalt for use on roads, airfields and other trafficked areas produced in accordance with EN 13108, Part 6".

Roadmastic Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt is CE Marked under certificate 0050-CPR-0281.

Technical Advice and Method Statements can be provided.

Tarstone Surfacing Limited is the licensed distributor in mainland UK for the supply and delivery of Roadmastic Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt.

Please Click Here for the Roadmastic Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt CE Marking Certificate.

Please Click Here for the RSTA / ADEPT / Highways England - Code of Practice for Ironworks Systems Installation and Refurbishment.

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